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Oysterbedlagoon Present-day

The People

A former British colony, Utila has now merged a unique blend of Honduran, British, and Caribbean cultures and traditions along with an influx of international travelers. It is easy to begin to feel like a part of the Utilian community because of the openness and hospitality of islanders. Almost immediately, you will start to recognize people on the island, who will offer a friendly wave when you go past.


Likened to a “Key West of 20 years ago”, Utila is quaint and unspoiled with no chain stores or fast food businesses, and there are less than 20 cars in total on the island! The town of Utila is perfect for exploring on bike and foot, and you can safely explore the surrounding areas and neighborhoods. There are a number of friendly bars, restaurants, and local stores, owned by both locals and ex-pats, where you can meet visitors from all over the world.

The Diving

With over 17 dive shops and resorts on Utila, and sitting on the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, we have coral reef surrounding the island, providing diverse underwater terrain and prolific sea life. You’ll have no shortage of opportunity to dive and explore the underwater realm to your hearts content. See our section on Diving for more details and links to dive shops.

Additional Activities

Though well known for the scuba diving, there are many additional opportunities for enjoying your time on Utila. We have two main sandy beaches that host a variety of water sports activities such as sailing, kayaking, kite boarding, and snorkeling. Explore the mangrove lagoons and get some great bird watching in. Climb Pumpkin Hill explore the freshwater caves on your return. Visit the Iguana Station and learn about our endemic Spiny Tailed Iguana or “Swamper”, or take a natural history hike with guides from the station. Head out to the Cays for a day trip on a picture- postcard island beach with a stop at a local fishing village. Join a Whale Shark spotting trip and learn about these magnificent creatures. Explore the side streets and stop and talk with the many “old-timers” locals who grew up here. and who welcome conversation.


The atmosphere during the day is one of sun and fun, taking in one of the many activities described above or just simply doing nothing and sitting in a hammock. The nightlife of Utila is equally diverse. Every walk of life pours into the small town center after dark including young dive students, resort divers, vacationers and locals and small vendors selling their wares, making for an eclectic and unique scene. Catching sunsets at one of our many dockside bars is a must, and then you can wander down the streets and dine at one of the many restaurants and open-air venues. For you night owls, there are some fun late night venues and dance halls playing music into the night.

Once you visit this island paradise you’ll find you’ll want to return again and again!