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OysterbedLagoon Inception

When a member of our development team visited Utila for the first time in 1998, they felt in love with the Island, and its people. Snorkeling in front of the Sandy Bay Beach was a lifetime experience, taking a small boat tour around the lagoon was inspiring. Oyster Bed Lagoon SA (OBLSA) purchased this property because it offered a unique opportunity to own land with access to the lagoon and the beach with natural water flow on tide from the lagoon to the beach.

The effect of this water flow keeps the mangrove threes healthy and controls the insects that live in stagnant water developed by land fills. Our goal has been to build a sustainable development without landfill and with proper protection to the environment; it took 12 years to develop a concept that would allow this development to progress without harm to the environment. The project was selected by the government of Honduras for the event “Honduras Is Open for Business”, in San Pedro Sula in May 2011 www.hondurasisopenforbusineess.com

OBLSA obtained an environmental permit on December 29 of 2011 with proposed plan to build an elevated road that will continue to allow water flow and vegetation grown underneath, construction of villas and a hotel elevated by columns supported by pylons for structural integrity, and complete sustainability. The project is under construction and will be developed in phases to protect the fragile environment.

Oyster Bed Lagoon SA is working with the environmental engineers of Iguana Station to minimize the impact to mangroves and to protect the Black Iguana. Also Oyster Bed lagoon has reserved a portion of the property as a sanctuary for the black iguana and ecotourism.