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Commercial Flights

The main airports to fly into to get to Utila are San Pedro Sula on the mainland of Honduras or Roatan the next island, the international airlines that fly in are:

Continental Airlines

American Airlines

Delta Airlines



Spirit Air have some great value prices on flights but it usually means that you will not get to Utila in one day as their flights tend to land in the night.

You need to arrive in San Pedro Sula or Roatan by 1pm to be able to get to Utila the same day, from San Pedro Sula or Roatan we can arrange the small flight to Utila for you or you can go to Roatan Charter a travel company in the USA that specializes in flights here.

We would suggest that when you arrange your international flights that you arrange your return to take off from either San Pedro Sula or Roatan after 11am.

From San Pedro Sula it is approximately a 35 minute flight and from Roatan 20 minutes.

Flights from San Pedro Sula sometimes will come direct or will sometimes stop in La Ceiba for a few minutes to pick up more passengers.

Flights do not come to Utila every day they arrive on Saturday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday and flights leave the island on Tuesday Thursday and Saturday. You still can get to the island every day but would have to use the ferry from the mainland.

If you are already in Honduras you can also fly in from La Ceiba this would be on SOSA Airlines this can also be booked through Morgans Travel on Utila or again we can book these flights for you.

For great prices look at booking your flights through


Other good websites to look for flights to Honduras are




For Private flights to the island please contact utilamorganstravel@yahoo.com